MANCINI Safe Company High-Security Safes

High-Security Safe Installation in the Prudential Center (Boston, MA) by MANCINI Safe

High-Security Safes provide additional burglary resistance for items of greater value. These safes are rated by U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratories) according to fire resistance, theft resistance and torch and explosives resistance. The ratings that U.L. provides are completely independent of manufacturer testing and create an industry standard. An understanding of the U.L. Ratings makes shopping for a safe much easier.

We know safes and are here to help answer your questions and make recommendations based on our 58 years of experience.

Fortress SAFE 

The Fortress TL 30 is the perfect combination of lightweight design with top-tier protection. It’s the lightest UL certified safe to protect against criminal attacks. Joining steel, ceramic, and composite materials to create this robust safe structure, it features Z Bar reinforcement to further impede criminal attacks. This machine is perfect for any small business owner, including cannabis business owners or pawn shop owners.

  • This safe comes standard with two combination locks, but a digital lock upgrade is always available
  • The re-locking plate detects attacks and releases bolts when necessary
  • Additionally, with the TL 30, a closed safe is a locked safe. Bolts extend automatically when closed, securely locking your safe


Drawer Management System

The Drawer Management System (DMS) was designed specifically for protecting high-commodity assets and has become the security standard for businesses carrying a high-risk of armed robbery or burglary. Improve safety while reducing shrinkage with these 7 locking drawers.

The new DMS is now proudly built in the United States, so it is more reliable than ever and packed with upgraded advanced technology. It can detect an armed robbery and has audit capability of up to 4,000 recorded actions.

The DMS’ composite construction incorporates a steel and ceramic matrix on all six sides of the safe, which achieves the highest degree of burglary protection in its class. 

Available inserts are 13 and 32 drawers to protect your most valuable assets.

  • Standard Lock Option – Master key systems for safety, security and reduced shrinkage
  • High-Security Lock Option – Ability to upgrade to high security restricted keyway and/or logic smart key system
  • When one drawer is extended all other drawers are locked
  • Exclusive suspension system
  • Ergonomic Handles



Ideal for Jewelers the TRTL-30X6 can provide the highest level of security for your inventory.
These safes are U.L. rated to resist direct attack for 30 minutes on all 6 sides from diamond grinding wheels, carbide drills, oxy-fuel, gas-cutting or welding torches.


  • Six-sided composite construction, 9000 p.s.i. resistance concrete and heavy steel plates within 3 3/ 4" of overall body thickness
  • 1 1/2 diameter chrome plated steel bolts
  • Relock system when attacked underneath a massive bracket
  • Over 1" thick steel with 1 3/4" high-density burglary & fire material within the door
  • Glass plate relocker to foil drilling
  • Manufacturer's certified 1 1/2 hour fire label
  • Large, heavy duty hinges with ball bearing plate for smooth operation
  • High-quality durable paint finish
  • Adjustable shelving

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