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Available in MA. Only while they last!
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The M-40 Gun Safe was designed to stand superior next to competing gun safes combining organization and convenience with highly effective security tactics.  This robust gun safe is comprised of a steel body with two layers of fireboard in the door and three layers of fireboard in the body.

The interior has a cubic capacity of 36 feet and can hold up to 51 long guns, as well as ample ammo and handguns. Inside the safe you will find 4 short shelves and 1 long shelf which are all adaptable and can be rearranged to suit your individual needs.

The M-40 includes features which stand out among its competitors including: drill resistant hard plate, reinforced steel return door jamb, and spring-loaded auto-throw bolt detent.

  • Steel reinforcement on bolt guide and in the door frame. This feature hinders the door from being opened by tools and prying
  • U.L. rated dual locks for the best in Gun Safe security
  • Gear driven opening mechanism for extra smooth door usage
  • 1 ¾” chrome bolts
  • Manufactured in the America’s
  • 30-minute fire rating
  • Exterior Dimensions 60”H x 40”W x 26” D
  • Weight 670 lbs

GE 1055 Model Gun Safe
Available in MA. Only while it lasts!
(Delivery & Installation additional)

Our GE Model gun safe is our entry level gun safe. It was created to provide optimum value and cost efficiency for small to medium gun storage capacity.

Composed of steel and fireboard, the GE model gun safe offers 30-minute fire protection at 1,200 degrees.

With a small footprint and adjustable shelves the GE model offers flexibility in gun storage to meet residential gun security needs.

  • 30-minute fire protection at 1200 (use degree symbol)
  • Electronic locking mechanism
  • 3 large 1” chrome bolts
  • Adjustable shelving system
  • External Dimensions 55”H x 20”W x18”D
  • Weight 281 lbs